Numbers. Ten years of Tourism Investigation in Alghero.

Giuseppe Onni

DADU,Sassari University,Alghero

Graduated in Environmental Engineering in 2002, is PhD in Spatial Environmental Planning. He collaborated in educational activities of the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero since 2003. Since 2009 he is Teaching Assistant in Urban Planning. In 2013 he was contract lecturer in Urban Geography. Since 2015 he is contract lecturer Urban Management.

Cristian Cannaos

DADU,Sassari University,Alghero

Graduated in Cagliari in Civil Engineering, Thesis in territorial planning. PhD at the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero, Thesis "The territorial policies for tourism." For the Faculty of Architecture I am following by five years the Observatory of Tourism of Alghero and various projects and collaborations that affect tourism.Contract lecturer in Environmental evaluation


The knowledge of the tourism phenomenon from the theoretical and qualitative point of view is more and more detailed and rich, while in quantitative and practical measurements it is always lacking. Advances in theoretical... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Giuseppe Onni (DADU,Sassari University,Alghero)
  2. Cristian Cannaos (DADU,Sassari University,Alghero)

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OS-B1 » Wellness Tourism and Sustainable Tourism: A Symbiotic Relationship? Part II (11:30 - Monday, 3rd October, Tavolara Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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