Star struck fisherfolk: Perceived social benefits of tourism development in remote fishing communities

Brooke Porter

Coral Triangle Conservancy

Dr. Brooke Porter is a specialist in the human dimensions of the fisheries and the marine environment. Her work explores tourism as a development and conservation strategy in lesser-developed regions, with emphasis on surf and adventure tourism. Dr. Porter is focused on developing simple and effective development and conservation strategies for coastal communities.  She has worked in various capacities with NGOs, international aid agencies and educational institutions. Dr. Porter worked in Maui, Hawai’i for nine years serving as Conservation Director for Pacific Whale Foundation. She has worked on fisheries development projects in Eritrea with the United Nations. Dr. Porter has also worked in the industry as a naturalist aboard whale watching tours in both Hawai’i and New Zealand. She currently serves as a scientific adviser to The Coral Triangle Conservancy, a NGO that focuses on reef protection and restoration in the Philippines.


Participation in the tourism industry often entails frequent social interactions between the hosts and the visitors. While many of these social exchanges are obvious, it may be the lesser or indirect social exchanges that are... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Brooke Porter (Coral Triangle Conservancy)

Topic Areas

Topics: Social and Environmental Dimensions of Tourism , Topics: Rural Tourism Development , Topics: Coastal Tourism


OS-H2 » Tourism as a Development Tool (16:00 - Tuesday, 4th October, Nettuno Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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