Connecting Land, People and Place with Mountain Tourism

Leah Greden Mathews

University of North Carolina Asheville

Dr. Mathews is Professor of Economics and Interdisciplinary Distinguished Professor of the Mountain South at UNC Asheville. Most of her research involves the valuing of intangibles in our society such as scenic quality and cultural heritage. Recent work relates to how these factors influence social capital accumulation and community resiliency.


The Southern Appalachian region has been a popular tourist destination for decades, the scenic beauty providing a strong draw for health seekers, outdoor recreators, and heritage tourists alike. In addition, the deep heritage... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Leah Greden Mathews (University of North Carolina Asheville)

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Topics: Symposium


OS-E2 » Mountain Tourism: Experiences, Communities, Environments and Sustainable Futures Part I (09:00 - Tuesday, 4th October, Nettuno Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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