Walking on Visual Landscapes


This research project is aimed to draw a network of pedestrian paths for the connection and the crossing of the Sardinian regional territory allowing to know the regional environmental, cultural and historic heritage. All the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Enrico Cicalò (Università di Sassari)
  2. Arnaldo Cecchini (University of Sassari)
  3. Nada Beretic (Università di Sassari)
  4. Roberto Busonera (Università di Sassari)
  5. Dario Canu (Università di Sassari)
  6. Andrea Causin (Università di Sassari)

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Topics: Symposium


OS-D2 » Accessible Tourism - Tourism for All (16:30 - Monday, 3rd October, Nettuno Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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