An exploration of political awareness amongst a cohort of all field nursing/midwifery students, in one university in Northern Ireland - Phase 2

Siobhan McCullough

Queens University Belfast

Siobhan McCullough – Lecturer in Nursing at Queen’s University Belfast currently teaching leadership, management, decision making and evidence based nursing. I am undertaking a doctorate and my dissertation will explore the impact of neoliberalism in higher education on the identify and perceptions of nurse educators in Northern Ireland.


BACKGROUND The literature suggests nursing and midwifery students often hold negative perceptions about the role of politics in nursing. However as healthcare involves the allocation of scarce resources nurses operate in a... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Siobhan McCullough (Queens University Belfast)

Topic Area

Topics: Caring in Times of Conflict


CTC » Caring in Times of Conflict (15:00 - Wednesday, 9th November, Seminar Room 2.51)