People with intellectual disability living in the community. What can they tell us about adherence to medication in this vulnerable population?

Bernadette Flood

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services

Bernadette Flood is a pharmacist who has worked with people ageing with intellectual disabilities for the past 16 years.During this time Bernadette has developed a concerned interest in the population with intellectual disabilities.She has a M.Sc. in Primary healthcare from RCSI and has recently completed a PhD in the School of Pharmacy in TCD.Bernadette has attended many pharmacy conferences in the UK and Ireland to raise an awareness of the population with intellectual disabilities among the pharmacy community.Bernadette also attends conferences related to healthcare for people with intellectual disabilities in an effort to raise awareness of the value pharmacists can bring to the care of people ageing with intellectual disabilities.Bernadette’s presentation today is based on a part of her PhD research.


Background Many people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) live at home with their families. They may be prescribed medication. There is a scarcity of research representing what is actually happening in the lives of PWID in... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Bernadette Flood (Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services)
  2. Martin C Henman (School of Pharmacy, Trinity College Dublin)

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Topics: Intellectual Disability


ID2 » Intellectual Disability 2 (14:00 - Thursday, 10th November, Lecture Theatre 2.57)

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