The Consequences of Sustaining a Burn in Childhood: Reflections on Accessing a Vulnerable Population

Madeleine Niermeyer

University College Dublin

Madeleine is a Masters by Research Student in the UCD School of Nursing Midwifery and Health Systems and works under the supervision of Dr Maria Brenner and Dr Kate Frazer. Madeleine is a registered children’s and general nurse. She was awarded the Sr Antoinette Kelleher scholarship in January 2015 to conduct research into childhood burns.


Background: Vulnerability is important to determine because it dictates when specific research is merited, helps design research projects, determines the target population and sampling strategies, and aids identification of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Madeleine Niermeyer (University College Dublin)
  2. Maria Brenner (University College Dublin)
  3. Kate Frazer (University College Dublin)

Topic Area

Topics: Children's Healthcare


CH1 » Children's Healthcare 1 (10:30 - Wednesday, 9th November, Seminar Room 0.30)

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