Taking Advantage of an Opportunity to Change the Work Environment

Kathleen Kane

Nyack Hospital

Dr. Kathleen Kane is currently the Director of Nursing Education, Professional Practice at Nyack Hospital. She is also administratively responsible for several clinical areas including Wound Care and the Infusion Center. Clinically, her background is in Neonatal and Pediatric Nursing. She has also worked in academe. Kathy holds masters degrees in Education and a doctorate in Applied Developmental Psychology.

Candy Mercer

Nyack Hospital

Candy Mercer joined Nyack Hospital in 1994. Her 22 years of experience span all levels of patient care. In 2013 she assumed administrative responsibility for the Hospital’s outpatient Infusion Center when the Hospital’s and physician office services merged. In this role, Candy was responsible for increasing staff, developing policies and procedures, and transforming the physician private practice to a hospital service. Her development of a patient/family orientation program and the institution of a patient navigator role and support services are examples of her advocacy for patients and their families.


Aim and Objectives The purpose of this presentation is to describe changes made to the professional work environment of a hospital-based Infusion Center. These changes improved workflow, support a safe environment for the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kathleen Kane (Nyack Hospital)
  2. Candy Mercer (Nyack Hospital)

Topic Area

Topics: Innovations in research methodology, education or clinical practice


CI » Innovations (10:30 - Wednesday, 9th November, Seminar Room 0.55)

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