Power and Authoritative Knowledge: The Second OptiBIRTH Antenatal Class

Rebekah Maguire

Trinity College Dublin

My name is Rebekah Maguire. I graduated from UCD in 2011 with a degree in Social Science. I then moved on and completed my Master’s Degree in Applied Social Research in Trinity College Dublin in 2013. During the Master’s I worked as a research assistant on the MAMMI Study (Maternal Health and Maternal Morbidity in Ireland). My dissertation involved studying the considerations pregnant women take into account when they decided to participate in the MAMMI study. From then I successfully applied for the position of PhD student with the OptiBIRTH study. I have recently completed my doctoral studies on cultural change and VBAC. My research interests include pregnant women and their experiences of research, birth rituals and decision making around pregnancy and birth


Background: The OptiBIRTH trial aims to improve maternal health service delivery, and optimise childbirth, by increasing vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC) through enhanced women-centred maternity care. Embedded... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Rebekah Maguire (Trinity College Dublin)
  2. Valerie Smith (Trinity College Dublin)
  3. Cecily Begley (Trinity College Dublin)
  4. David Prendergast (Intel)

Topic Area

Topics: Maternity Care


MC2 » Maternity Care 2 (15:00 - Wednesday, 9th November, Lecture Theatre 0.32)

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