Web-Based Interventions for Work-Related Stress and Strain: A Scoping Review

Cathal Ryan

Waterford Institute of Technology

Mr Cathal Ryan is a PhD Scholar based in the School of Health Sciences at Waterford Institute of Technology. He is currently funded by the WIT Scholarship Programme to undertake the SuRE project (Sustaining Resilience in Employment) which investigates work-related stress and the enhancement of resilience skills in health and social care workers through online platforms. The project is supervised by Professor John Wells and Dr Michael Bergin from WIT. Cathal holds degrees in Psychology from NUI Galway and NUI Maynooth, and has several publications in the areas of work-related stress and accredited online learning in the workplace. Cathal has previously been engaged as a Research Assistant to the DELAROSE project in WIT and as an Assistant Research Psychologist at the Institute of Neuroscience in Trinity College Dublin.


Aim of Review: An increasing number of studies have reported on the development and evaluation of web-based interventions for the management of stress in the workplace. However, the literature has yet to be reviewed as this... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Cathal Ryan (Waterford Institute of Technology)
  2. Michael Bergin (Waterford Institute of Technology)
  3. John Wells (Waterford Institute of Technology)

Topic Area

Topics: Mental Health


MH2 » Mental Health 2 (10:30 - Thursday, 10th November, Seminar Room 0.54)

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