Unpacking 'Sustainable Teacher Transformation'


Overview As the primary mediators of children’s learning in school settings, teachers are critical actors if ‘Learning and Teaching for sustainable development’ are to be achieved. This symposium will seek to elucidate... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alison Joyner (Aga Khan Foundation)
  2. Qurban Ali Waezi (Aga Khan Foundation Afghanistan)
  3. Rupert Corbishley (Aga Khan Foundation East Africa)
  4. Atrash Ali (Aga Khan Foundation East Africa)
  5. Andrew Cunningham (Aga Khan Foundation)
  6. Sharifa Majid (Madrasa Early Childhood Programme Zanzibar)
  7. Caroline Arnold - Discussant (Aga Khan Foundation)

Topic Area

Enabling Teachers


PS-9B » Unpacking ‘Sustainable Teacher Transformation’ (13:30 - Thursday, 7th September, Room 15)

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