A new global approach to monitor learning?


This symposium will explore and debate new approaches being developed to measure learning globally, with the aim of raising understanding of the learning crisis, galvanising commitment, and demonstrating progress. The UNESCO... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ricardo Sabates (University of Cambridge)
  2. Silvia Montoya - Discussant (UNESCO UIS)
  3. Baela Jamil (PAL Network)
  4. Pauline Rose - Discussant (University of Cambridge)
  5. Sarah Hennell (DFID)
  6. Ian Attfield - Discussant (DFID)
  7. Bridget Crumpton (Education Commission)
  8. Wilima Wadhwa (ASER Center)
  9. Jeaniene Spink (Australian Council for Educational Research)

Topic Area

Assessing Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development


PS-5A » A new global approach to monitor learning? (08:30 - Wednesday, 6th September, Room 14)

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