Understanding teachers' working experiences: capturing data on teachers as professionals, learners and change-makers in low resource contexts (a joint Young Lives and RITES (OU) symposium)


Organiser: Rhiannon Moore, University of Oxford Discussant: Ben Alcott, University of Cambridge Teachers are central to creating a society in which lifelong learning is encouraged and a community of learners created and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Rhiannon Moore (Young Lives, University of Oxford)
  2. Jack Rossiter (Young Lives)
  3. Renu Singh (Young Lives)
  4. Alison Buckler (The Open University)
  5. Chris High (The Open University)
  6. Eric Addae-Kyeremeh (The Open University)
  7. Ben Alcott - Discussant (University of Cambridge)

Topic Area

Enabling Teachers


PS-5B » A joint Young Lives and RITES (OU) symposium (11:00 - Wednesday, 6th September, Room 15)

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