How we trained a computer algorithm to understand textual construction documentation

Vincent Kuo

VXT Research

• CEO and Co-founder of VXT Research Oy: Machine learning and semantic textual processing for rigorous industrial, commercial and governmental applications.• Researcher at Aalto University: Data-driven decision-support in Construction, Marine and Nuclear Knowledge Management.• Construction industry experience as engineer in structural design, project management and asset management.• Master of Science in Engineering


Why are constructability problems difficult to predict computationally? Closer collaboration between practitioners from different phases of the building lifecycle can lead to better designs, higher production efficiency, and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Vincent Kuo (Organisation: VXT Research, Photo: Crop.jpg)

Topic Area

Data, learning, knowledge, adaptability


C3 » AI and Blockchain (15:00 - Tuesday, 11th September, Terrace Hall)