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Teemu Lehtinen


Teemu Lehtinen, M.Sc. (Tech.), is a chief digital officer of the KIRA-digi project ( and a doctoral candidate at SimLab, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Aalto University School of Science, Finland. His expertise lies in understanding the dynamics of different contingencies in managing inter-organizational project networks, especially the interplay between contractual, organizational and technological integration mechanisms. He has been studying relational project delivery arrangements such as integrated project delivery (IPD) projects in California and project alliancing in Finland from the perspectives of contracting, team co-location, and joint decision making.

Juha Saarentaus


Juha Saarentaus, M.Sc. (Tech.), is a senior business director with a solid track record in developing innovative ICT businesses. He has organized and led a multitude of teams and companies while enjoying a reputation of being an effective, inspiring director in business processes, as well as a fair manager of human resources. He has over 30 years experience of working with customers in the fields of geospatial solutions and infrastructure projects. Building durable and long lasting customer relations with superb sales skills has been his core strength and key means to profitable business.



  1. Teemu Lehtinen (Organisation: KIRA-Digi, Photo: empty_pic.jpg)
  2. Juha Saarentaus (Organisation: Geowise, Photo: YBGpX5BK_400x400.jpg)

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