Visualization of Linked Building Data

Seppo Törmä

VisuaLynk Oy

D.Sc. (Tech) Seppo Törmä, the CEO of VisuaLynk Oy, worked previously on Linked Building Data in Aalto University in DRUM/DRUMBEAT projects. He has masters (1988) and doctoral degrees (1997) at TKK. D.Sc. (Tech) Mehmet Yalcinkaya did his doctoral research on a Linked Data platform based on AEC/FM standards, resulting in the VisuaLynk service. Mehmet gained his masters at Illinois Institute of Technology (2011) and doctoral degree in Aalto University (2017). Prof. Vishal Singh works on Computer-Integrated Construction at the Aalto University, with research interests in the interactions between products, processes and people within the design and construction domains. 


Linked Building Data is a collection of open technologies and standards to publish building data in a decentralised manner - respecting the ownership and digital sovereignty of all parties - but interlinked across different... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Seppo Törmä (Organisation: VisuaLynk Oy, Photo: sto2104-1.jpeg)

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Enabling Technologies


DE1 » Demo Session 1 (11:45 - Tuesday, 11th September, Demo Area in Exhibition)

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