Increased productivity with smart proposal creation and management

Paula Viinamäki


Paula has close to 20 years of experience in telecoms industry. She is CEO of Duuers, and has been Product Lead/Program Manager at Microsoft, and most of her career as Director of Forward Labs and Product Management at Microsoft and Nokia.  Paula has led international teams and organizations in areas including innovation laboratory, product management, user experience, usability and design strategy. Paula has a strong track record in making multiple successful world class products, developing innovative customer driven solutions and creating high performing teams. She holds EMBA, and BBA in SME's Business Administration.


How many hours on average companies spend in creating and managing proposals? How do they receive and handle proposal requests? How many proposals get accepted? What tools are typically used for creating and managing... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Paula Viinamäki (Organisation: Duuers, Photo: Paula.png)

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