A tool for designing HVAC systems in virtual reality

Teijo Lehtonen

CTRL Reality Ltd

Teijo Lehtonen is the CEO of CTRL Reality Ltd. based in Turku, Finland. He has led a research group on mixed reality technologies at the University of Turku since 2012. CTRL Reality Ltd. is a spin-off company from this research work and despite the young age of the company, one of the most experienced developers of virtual and augmented reality applications for industry and cultural heritage in Finland. Currently, the company is developing a tool for designing HVAC systems in virtual reality.

Leo Sakari

CTRL Reality Ltd

Leo Sakari is the Lead Developer of CTRL Reality Ltd. based in Turku, Finland, where he has been responsible for the design and/or development of various virtual reality applications, ranging from 360-tours to CAD-tools. Before joining CTRL Reality, he worked for several years at the University of Turku, where he both developed several mixed reality applications and studied their applicability in the industrial sector. Leo Sakari is the main developer of the HVAC Planning Tool presented at WDBE 2018.


Virtual reality (VR) in building industry has so far been mainly used in visualizing the designs created elsewhere. While this has many benefits it still lacks a crucial one: to actually do the design in VR. We present a tool... [ view full abstract ]


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Enabling Technologies


DE3 » Demo Session 3 (12:15 - Wednesday, 12th September, Demo Area in Exhibition)