Hacking housing development and planning

Tero Vanhanen


Mr. Tero Vanhanen is an outstanding architect and a luminous visionary from Scandinavia. He works for Fira; an innovative, rapidly growing Northern European construction company with ambitious targets to renew the traditional construction industry www.fira.fi. In addition to his experience as an architect, Mr. Vanhanen has wide executive experience in the fields of real estate, real estate development and town planning. He will show how the world longest (100 km Finland-Estonia) tunnel stations are designed.


Fira wants to change the way cities are developed. We want to start a system intelligence change in city planning. Traditionally, city planners have implemented their dreams and primarily forced people to live their lives in... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tero Vanhanen (Organisation: Fira, Photo: empty_pic.jpg)

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B1 » Urban Development in the Digital Era (12:45 - Tuesday, 11th September, Restaurant Hall 1)

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