Digital platform enabling collaboration between actors in built environment

Leo Torvikoski

Eurostep Oy

Inspired by recent projects regarding secure information sharing across organizations:- real business needs and requirements for data sharing- applied maturity levels (e.g. sharing documents vs sharing product assemblies/configurations)- business collaboration patterns (e.g. design collaboration, manufacturing collaboration, spare parts & maintenance collaboration, ..)- data sharing approaches (e.g. common tools, file based data exchange, Hub based sharing platform)- motivation factors regarding different business usersA short pre-study seems to be a good approach to clarify the needs, expectations and best-fit solutions for different types of industries. History records of skills and expertise:Product Lifecycle Management: I got interested in PDM / PLM subjects about 30 years ago. From that on I have been involved with several PLM systems and related design and implementation projects. Currently most interesting areas are collaborative PLM solutions and the support for whole product lifecycle (from requirements to the use and maintenance of a product). In customer projects we use our own secure PLM solution called Share-A-space. Areas of expertise: Requirements capture, project planning and project management, collaboration processes and tools, enterprise architectures, product lifecycle management, Share-A-space.



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