Towards the digital Land Use Plan in Finland: Developing of Interactive "Digikaava" Platform Utilizing WMS & WFS Service Sets

Jan Tvrdy

FCG Design and Engineering Ltd.

Mr. Jan Tvrdy (M.Sc.) has over 10 years of experience with projects concerning Land Use and Town Planning, Impact Asessment as well as Environmental Planning and GIS. Jan is currently leading the Regional & Business Development Team at FCG. He has experience with project work in Finland, Russia and Czech Republic.


The understanding of the complex Land-use planning process in Finland as well as the utilization of the process results still require extensive knowledge of the sector which limits the effectiveness of the public... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jan Tvrdy (Organisation: FCG Design and Engineering Ltd., Photo: Tvrdy_Jan-20468-ref20130117-125043-3969.jpg)
  2. Samuli Hyttinen (Organisation: FCG Design and Engineering Ltd., Photo: Hyttinen_Samuli-21064-ref20150508-093359-2067.jpg)

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Enabling Technologies


A2 » Digital Planning and Design (10:15 - Tuesday, 11th September, Helsinki Hall)

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