Sketch modeling in BIM

Panu Heinonen

Huido Ltd

Panu Heinonen is an architect and BIM expert graduated from Tampere University of Technology. He has been working hands on with architecture projects for many years and is now running a startup company. From his idea, Huido Ltd. is now creating a new tools for building design industry.He thinks that it's essential to have hands on feeling of the daily work to develop something that users can love. But there's also the tech side to tackle.


In order to do something new in building design industry we need to understand the the basic process of early architecture design.In most cases it all begins with customer needs; target area, spaces needed, preliminary budget,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Panu Heinonen (Organisation: Huido Ltd, Photo: Panu_Heinonen.jpg)

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User Experience


A2 » Digital Planning and Design (10:15 - Tuesday, 11th September, Helsinki Hall)

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