Programmatic representation for buildings

Ye Wang


Ye studied Computer Science and researched in volumetric shape language for 3D print at Computational Fabrication Group at MIT. After graduation, she continued her passion in creating design tools. She worked on various mesh-based design tools and online platforms at Autodesk. She then joined Onshape as Principal Engineer to develop the first full-cloud mechanical CAD. Last year, Ye co-founded Join with Andrew Zukowski and Drew Wolpert, with the goal to bridge design and construction.


Architects and contractors struggle to keep up with the growing and accelerating landscape of available building products and materials, even as ever higher performance standards and faster project delivery timelines make... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ye Wang (Organisation: Join, Photo: DSC07952__1_.jpg)
  2. Drew Wolpert (Organisation: Join, Photo: DSC07958.jpg)
  3. Andrew Zukoski (Organisation: Join, Photo: DSC07915.jpg)

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Enabling Technologies


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