Congrid – Improving Process Transparency in Construction Management

Timo Makkonen

Congrid Oy

CEO and one of the co-founders of Congrid. Building a startup, growing the business with our customers and leading the company towards international markets with the strong team are my latest achievents. I'm enthusiastic about leading the companty with trust and customer oriented mindset. Customers give the value to any product or service and customer relationship is built on trust. Daily decision should be made keeping this in mind.


There are two main issues Congrid wants to improve using a transparent site management. 1. Quality & Safety should be a shared and common matter. Everyone should be involved to the project to take responsibility for quality... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Timo Makkonen (Organisation: Congrid Oy, Photo: Timo_Makkonen_Kira.jpg)

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E1 » Platform Business (13:15 - Wednesday, 12th September, Restaurant Hall 1)

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