Forecasting road maintenance need with AI and IoT

Leo Salomaa


Leo Salomaa is an innovative entrepreneur from Helsinki specializing in AR and AI. A MSc in Architecture, he’s worked on smart city themes in projects such as the Crown Bridges, Kalasatama, Keski-Pasila and the Helsinki Airport. Leo is no stranger to innovation and has won multiple hackathons, many of them smart city themed. You can reach him at salomaa.leo at gmail dot com or on LinkedIn.


Northern cities spend millions on winter maintenance each year to ensure roads are safe and traffic can operate efficiently. We interviewed road maintenance personnel to identify operational challenges they face in winter... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Leo Salomaa (Organisation: Arcventure, Photo: Leo_Salomaa.jpg)

Topic Area

Data, learning, knowledge, adaptability


C3 » AI and Blockchain (15:00 - Tuesday, 11th September, Terrace Hall)

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