Optimizing land use with open data

Matti Heikkinen

Arkkitehtitoimisto A-Konsultit Oy

Besides being an architect specialized in urban planning and design, Matti Heikkinen has specialized in exploiting advanced ICT systems. Through his interest in technology and demoscene culture of his youth in 90's with work history in IT administration, Matti has been running A-Konsultit Architects' ICT development since 2006 with the intention of doing things a little bit better.

Panu Söderström

Arkkitehtitoimisto A-Konsultit Oy

Panu Södeström is experienced researcher and planner in land use with expertise in GIS systems, municipal data and their versatile applications in decision making processes as well as in practical solutions. His research and publications have focused on coordinating land use and transportation planning in urban environment and questions concerning quality of everyday environment.


In planning and urban design, evaluation of different parts of the site in terms of favorability for inteded use plays significant role in the early stages of the process. One should be able to evaluate zones of different... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Matti Heikkinen (Organisation: Arkkitehtitoimisto A-Konsultit Oy, Photo: matti.jpg)
  2. Panu Söderström (Organisation: Arkkitehtitoimisto A-Konsultit Oy, Photo: panu_1.jpg)
  3. Staffan Lodenius (Organisation: Arkkitehtitoimisto A-Konsultit Oy, Photo: staffan.JPG)

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Enabling Technologies


C1 » City Models and Open Data (15:00 - Tuesday, 11th September, Restaurant Hall 1)

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