Case Helsinki Airport expansion: Open InfraBIM-workflow in practise

Ilkka Tieaho

Sitowise Oy

Ilkka Tieaho (M.Sc.) works in Sitowise as Head of Development. Ilkka’s responsibilities, at present and over the past ten years, in projects has focused on the digital design and construction processes and the implementation of BIM-workflow. In addition, Ilkka is leading Sitowise’s BIM education and development programme. Ilkka also is a member of buildingSMART Finland and acts actively to develop present practices of building industry in bsF-workgroups and in on-going projects.

Petteri Palviainen

Novatron Oy

Petteri Palviainen is working as a BIM Specialist at Novaton Oy and he is a founder of InfraBIM Open. Previously he worked as a surveyor in construction sites over 20 years. Petteri was a consultant at InfraFINBIM-project (2010-2014) and currently is an active member of buildingSMART Finland, which objective is to increase the implementation of BIM-workflow in infra building industry. At present Petteri works on sites in Finland and also worldwide and instructs the best practices of InfraBIM workflow aiming to boost the deployment of the guidelines and requirements.


The core idea of this presentation is to showcase real-life examples and practices how Open BIM-workflow and technology have been implemented in projects. In Helsinki Airport expansion project the goal with BIM and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ilkka Tieaho (Organisation: Sitowise Oy, Photo: Sito-Ilkka_Tieaho_2108.jpg)
  2. Petteri Palviainen (Organisation: Novatron Oy, Photo: Petteri_Palviainen_-Novatron_Oy__BIM_Specialist_2.jpg)

Topic Area

Enabling Technologies


B2 » Digital Construction (12:45 - Tuesday, 11th September, Helsinki Hall)