MAKUdigi - digital ground condition analysis for land use planning

Hilkka Kallio


M.Sc. Geologist and GIS-expert. She has 16 years’ experience of working as geologist and GIS-expert in Geological Survey of Finland. She is responsible for management of geological 3D modelling project that covers metropolitan area of Finland.


Geological Survey of Finland and Sitowise together with 4 pilot cities and The Finnish Transport Agency FTA were acquainted with construction conditions of superficial deposits in KIRA-digi funded project called MAKUdigi.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Juha Liukas (Organisation: Sitowise Oy, Photo: JuhaLiukas.jpg)
  2. Hilkka Kallio (Organisation: GTK, Photo: HilkkaKallio.JPG)

Topic Area

Enabling Technologies


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