Ventilation rate and occupancy estimation in an office building

Samy Clinchard

720 Degrees Oy

Samy is directing the innovations at 720°. With an academic background in mathematics, he leverages sensor technology, data analysis and data visualization in order to create a safe and improved environment for building occupants.


Smart or Intelligent buildings are becoming the industry standard. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its most recent development, the Digital Twin... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Samy Clinchard (Organisation: 720 Degrees Oy, Photo: IMG_3634.png)
  2. Salvatore Della Vecchia (Organisation: 720 Degrees Oy, Photo: IMG_2930.png)
  3. Rick Aller (Organisation: 720 Degrees Oy, Photo: -)
  4. Ulla Haverinen-shaughnessy (Organisation: 720 Degrees Oy, Photo: -)

Topic Area

Data, learning, knowledge, adaptability


C2 » Smart Buildings (15:00 - Tuesday, 11th September, Helsinki Hall)

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