Digital Big Room à la Sitowise

Kari Tuukkanen

Sitowise Oy

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and partner at Sitowise Oy. For the past 5 years Kari has been responsible for Sitowise digital service business. Before joining Sitowise, Kari worked as a business director in CGI in Finland and Switzerland, as well as the CEO of a map startup Karttakone. As the CDO of Sitowise, Kari's mission is to digitalize the way Sitowise delivers urban development projects.


Do you find it troublesome to manage and access all relevant data, and to collaborate in a construction project? Sitowise offers the next generation digital user experience for construction projects. We think our clients... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kari Tuukkanen (Organisation: Sitowise Oy, Photo: Kari.jpg)

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D3 » Digital Platforms 2 (10:45 - Wednesday, 12th September, Terrace Hall)