IoT-driven workplace scenarios – the proof is in the ROI

Carlo Van Der Steen


Carlo Van Der Steen is Director at MCS Solutions, responsible for the Nordics team deploying IoT-enabled IWMS software implementations in the region.His 20-year experience spans all areas of Facility management and Real Estate projects on tenant, landlord and supplier side. Carlo started his career at Siemens where he first established the re-organisation of the Real Estate organisation and afterwards was responsible for selecting and deploying the standard IWMS system on a global scale within the group. Next joining MCS Solution, he assumed responsibility for pan-European key accounts. After which he moved with his family to Sweden to start MCS Nordics.


Productivity is a hot topic in the corporate world; and almost everyone agrees that high-performing workplaces are an important driver of productivity. But there is now also overwhelming evidence (Leesman et al) that many... [ view full abstract ]


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