"Be on site – without being there" - Taking road and road side asset management to next level with cost-efficient stereo imagery (Inovitas AG)

Mats Paulsson

Inovitas Nordic AB

Mats Paulsson is current CEO of Inovitas Nordic AB. His working history in leading positions with infrastructure development spans over 20 years. Mats and Inovitas started collaborating three years ago and he is engaged mostly with project management around mobile mapping (street view 360 ° - inventory & analysis). He's the leading force of Scandinavian market of the company.   Before Inovitas and Mats discovered each other, Mats accumulated his vast experience in infrastructure with Cyclomedia (Blom), Autodesk and Bentley systems Nordic. 


A universal problem among municipalities, across the world, is a lack of information when it comes to their infrastructure assets. This absence of information often leads to sub-optimal decisions about maintenance and future... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mats Paulsson (Organisation: Inovitas Nordic AB, Photo: mats-paulsson_Inovitas_Nordic_AB.png)

Topic Area

Data, learning, knowledge, adaptability


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