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Teemu Nivell

BuildPoint Ltd

Mr. Teemu Nivell is General Manager at BuildPoint Ltd. Teemu has over 10 years of experience in construction software business at Trimble and Tekla. He has also worked as a project engineer and site supervisor both in infrastructure and building projects. He has degrees on both civil engineering and business.

Tuomas Hörkkö

Civilpoint Oy

Mr. Tuomas Hörkkö is CEO at CivilPoint Oy. Tuomas has over 18 years of experience in infrastructure software business. Before that he has worked as a street and highway designer. His maininterests are openBIM, data flow and data management in lifecycle. His aim isto help the customers to succeed in their business: the key factor is totransform current design environments to model-based design and processes. He is an active member in Nordic Road Association and BuildingSMART Finland and promotes cooperation with educational institutions in Finland and Baltics.  


There is an endless amount of different interpretations and acronyms of BIM. Very often BIM is somehow mystified and used as a general term, when we should actually use different terminology. That is why we want to open the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Teemu Nivell (Organisation: BuildPoint Ltd, Photo: Teemu_Nivell.jpg)
  2. Tuomas Hörkkö (Organisation: Civilpoint Oy, Photo: Tuomas_H_rkk__uusi.jpg)

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