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Juha Kostiainen

YIT Construction

Juha Kostiainen holds position of EVP Urban Development in YIT Corporation and is a member of Group’s management board. Previously he has worked for Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund in several executive positions, City of Tampere as a director of economic development and a managing director of two different technology centers.Kostiainen completed a doctoral thesis in Regional Studies at the Tampere University. He has published several articles on regional economic development policy also in refereed academic journals. Kostiainen holds a position of adjunct professor in the University of Tampere (strategic development of city-regions).


Our roads are jammed, trams are packed, schools are overflowing with students, there are no available spots at the near-by kindergarten, there’s a line at the supermarket, someone’s elbowing you in the pool, and so it goes... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Juha Kostiainen (Organisation: YIT Construction, Photo: medium_005_Juha_Kostiainen_2014__1_.jpg)

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B1 » Urban Development in the Digital Era (12:45 - Tuesday, 11th September, Restaurant Hall 1)

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