Virtual safaris at Helsinki Airport

Verneri Lehtovirta

Sweco PM

Verneri is currently working on construction management and as a BIM expert at Sweco. Since 2014 he has been involved in Helsinki Airport expansion project where one area of his responsibilities has been stakeholder participation and directing BIM-based design and construction process. Virtualsafaris which are guided by Verneri, takes employees and other stakeholders deep into the design process. Together with Finavia and the design team Verneri innovated a new way to convert the designs to a game-engine which cause a real wow-experience to the spectators. More importantly virtualsafaris help in generating common understanding, making decisions and preparing the commissioning phase.  

Kari Ristolainen

Finavia Oyj

Design Manager of the Helsinki Airport 2020 development programme and is working with Finavia Corporation, Finland.Kari Ristolainen has worked (2002-2013) with the Senate Properties Finland Investments Team, in an chief advisor position, to enhance the design, construction and maintenance processes, as viewed from the Owner’s perspective, through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM).He has been working 20 years in his field prior to his role with the Senate Properties and Finavia. His expertise lies in renovation and extension projects. Prior to his position with the Senate Properties, he worked with many architectural firms. (1983-2002).


Finavia has used gametechnology in stakeholder participation. Generated gamemodel is one of biggest in whole construction cluster and feedback has been very positive. Helsingin Sanomat and Rakennuslehti have published articles... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Verneri Lehtovirta (Organisation: Sweco PM, Photo: _MG_5616.jpg)
  2. Kari Ristolainen (Organisation: Finavia Oyj, Photo: Kari_Ristolainen2.png)

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Enabling Technologies


E3 » Virtual and Augmented Reality 2 (13:15 - Wednesday, 12th September, Terrace Hall)

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