Smart Buildings – from technology to customer value

Janne Liuttu

Ramboll Finland Oy

Janne is a visionary leader transforming businesses with data and advanced analytics. Currently working as a Chief Data Scientist for the leading civil engineering group Ramboll, Janne has been working in strategic data initiatives for many international companies in various industries. Before joining Ramboll, Janne has been leading a data science consultancy and a financial technology startup, as well as playing poker professionally during his studies. Janne holds a MSc in mathematics from Tampere University of Technology, and MBA from Henley Business School.


Smart building and digital twin are trend words of today. The meaning of these terms varies depending on the user, for there is no one standard determining the concepts. Modern technology enables the monitoring of building... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Janne Liuttu (Organisation: Ramboll Finland Oy, Photo: JANLI.jpg)

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