Practical utilization of game technology

Oskari Samiola

Loiste Interactive Oy

CEO and founder of Loiste Interactive Oy, which is specialized in orchestrating deep worlds for gamers and utilizing game technology for various fields and companies.One of the creators of first player puzzle adventure game INFRA, which is about investigating deteriorating infrastructure below city. oskari@loisteinteractive.comwww.loisteinteractive.comAnd INFRA:


Game technology has became very capable during last two decades, utilizing advanced machine learning and AI, running complex simulations and rendering gorgeous envinroments, and most importantly, affordable. Even during last... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Oskari Samiola (Organisation: Loiste Interactive Oy, Photo: index.png)

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Enabling Technologies


B3 » Virtual and Augmented Reality (12:45 - Tuesday, 11th September, Terrace Hall)

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