Digitalized Project Management

Tomi Henttinen

Gravicon Oy

Tomi Henttinen has been one of the pioneers of BIM in Finland. His BIM related tasks have covered everything from architectural design to BIM project management as well as software development. The knowledge of BIM in Finland has grown significantly during the past 15+ years and Tomi Henttinen has been one the leaders in this development. He is one of the key authors of the internationally acclaimed Finnish BIM Requirements (COBIM) that was published 2012. Since 2009 Tomi Henttinen has been the Chairman of buildingSMART Finland.


Digitalization is a hot topic in all sectors of the built environment from City Planning to Property Management and Operations. There are almost infinite number of technology solutions when it comes to IoT solutions and Smart... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tomi Henttinen (Organisation: Gravicon Oy, Photo: Tomi_Henttinen__small_.jpg)

Topic Area

Data, learning, knowledge, adaptability


B2 » Digital Construction (12:45 - Tuesday, 11th September, Helsinki Hall)

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