User experience defines technology, technology defines the Build Environment

Tugberk Duman


Tugberk is passionate about bringing disruptive technologies to the use of public. His day-to-day routine at Futurice consists of exploring new ways of combining his several years of experience in the different industries with his expertise in biometrics, AI and VR/AR. He has been working on the application of face recognition at Helsinki Airport since the Augmented Reality Face Recognition Access Control trial in 2016. His most recent work is the face recognition trial that took place in May 2017, a project that brought Finavia and hub carrier Finnair together to test technology as part of the passenger experience.


“You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology” - says Steve Jobs.  I open my speech with this quote and I already see the eyebrows raised with suspicion: "Even in construction... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tugberk Duman (Organisation: Futurice, Photo: tugberk.jpeg)

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User Experience


E2 » User Experience and Learning (13:15 - Wednesday, 12th September, Helsinki Hall)

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