Virtual Landscape Architecture, the temporal and dynamic elements unleashed

Lauri Lemmenlehti

Plehat Oy

Lauri Lemmenlehti is a Landscape Architect and CEO of Plehat Oy, a digital landscape architecture office, based in Helsinki, Finland. He has researched extensively on the creation of landscapes in open world video games and has been teaching the integration of VR-technologies into landscape planning at Aalto University's department of Architecture. Mikko Vekkeli is a Landscape Architect and Landscape BIM specialist. He is the CFO of Plehat Oy, a digital landscape architecture office, based in Helsinki, Finland.


Creating a temporal and dynamic landscape The new digital tools provide especially for landscape architects and other environmental planners powerful tools, as they provide a way to present the natural environment in a... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lauri Lemmenlehti (Organisation: Plehat Oy, Photo: Lauri_Lemmenlehti_Profiilikuva.jpg)
  2. Mikko Vekkeli (Organisation: Plehat Oy, Photo: Vekkeli_profiili.jpeg)

Topic Area

Enabling Technologies


A2 » Digital Planning and Design (10:15 - Tuesday, 11th September, Helsinki Hall)

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