Nanostructuring of ZnO and SnO2 by low temperature sintering

Fabien Giovannelli

University of Tours - GREMAN

Fabien Giovannelli received his PhD degree in material sciences from Caen University in 2002, and is assistant professor at University of Tours since 2005. He is in charge of the research group “Functional oxides for energy efficiency” of GREMAN Laboratory. His research activitiy is focused on solid state chemistry, especially the synthesis and characterization of oxide materials with remarkable properties (thermoelectrics, piezoelectrics, superconductors, …). The objectives of the research undertaken are the understanding of all the mechanisms which control properties in oxides and their correlation with chemistry or manufacturing process for devices or application referred to energy transport, storage, conversion or saving. He has published 61 articles in international journals.


Nanostructured ceramics can exhibit enhanced or new properties such as transparency, reduced thermal conductivity ... To obtain nanostructured ceramics, it is necessary to first start from nanosized grain powders and second... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Fabien Giovannelli (University of Tours - GREMAN)
  2. Frederic Schoenstein (Université de Paris 13 - LSPM)
  3. Pablo Diaz Chao (CNRS, ENSICAEN)
  4. Raphael Dujardin (Université de Tours - GREMAN)
  5. Cong Chen (université)
  6. Emmanuel Guilmeau (CNRS, ENSICAEN)
  7. Isabelle Monot-Laffez (Université de Tours - GREMAN)
  8. Fabian Delorme (Université de Tours - GREMAN)

Topic Areas

Energy Efficiency , Synthesis , (Micro)structure-property relations , Size effects , Thermoelectrics


OS-7B » Symposium B - Innovative Synthesis & Processing (14:00 - Wednesday, 11th July, Aula Louis Roppe)

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