Spark plasma sintering of (K0,5Na0,5)(Nb1-xTax)O3 lead free perovskite ceramics: a composite microstructure to improve piezoelectric properties

Isabelle Monot-Laffez

Université de Tours - GREMAN

Isabelle Monot-Laffez is currently professor at the GREMAN Laboratory, University of Tours (France). For more than 20 years, in CRISMAT Caen and ISTEC Tokyo and since 2000 in Tours,  her research activity is focused on solid state chemistry, especially the synthesis and characterization of oxide materials with remarkable properties (superconductors, magneto-resistive, piezoelectrics oxides, …) in the form of ceramics (conventional or SPS) or single crystals grown by zone melting.She has published 85 articles in international reviews and more than 40 communications. She was director of an institute of technology (IUT of Blois) during ten years (2003-2013). She is deputy director of GREMAN laboratory since 2016, and of the board of the doctoral school. 


Sodium potassium niobate (K,Na)NbO3 (KNN)lead free perovskite ferroelectrics have focused broad interest since early 2000 in order to replace in certain applications the lead-based ferroelectrics, predominantly Pb(Zr,Ti)O3.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Isabelle Monot-Laffez (Université de Tours - GREMAN)
  2. Mustapha Zaghrioui (Université de Tours - GREMAN)
  3. Florian Jean (Université de Valenciennes - LMCPA Maubeuge)
  4. Frederic Schoenstein (Université de Paris 13 - LSPM)
  5. Pascal Marchet (Université de Limoges / IRCER)
  6. Micka Bah (Institut NEEL Grenoble)
  7. Fabien Giovannelli (University of Tours - GREMAN)

Topic Areas

Piezoelectrics , Energy Efficiency , Synthesis , Processing , (Micro)structure-property relations


OS-5B » Symposium B - Piezoelectrics (15:30 - Tuesday, 10th July, Aula Louis Roppe)

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