Phase formation mechanism and electrochemical performance of Na2Ti3O7 prepared by spray-drying method as anode material for Li/Na-ion batteries

Caroline Piffet

University of Liege


Energy production using renewable energy sources is intermittent. Therefore there is a need of the development of new low cost, safe and efficient large-scale energy technologies. While in the last decades, lithium-ion... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Caroline Piffet (University of Liege)
  2. Abdelfattah Mahmoud (University of Liege)
  3. Benedicte Vertruyen (University of Liege)
  4. Cédric Malherbe (University of Liege)
  5. Rudi Cloots (University of Liege)
  6. Frederic Boschini (University of Liege)

Topic Areas

Energy Storage , Synthesis , Advanced characterisation , Electrochemical behavior


OS-3A » Symposium A - Electroceramics for Energy Applications (11:00 - Tuesday, 10th July, Aula Louis Verhaegen)

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