On the synthesis and characterization of bismuth ferrites


Magnetic ferroelectrics continue to attract much attention as promising multifunctional materials [1, 2]. For example, the ferrimagnetic rare earth iron garnets, R3Fe5O12, present a unique group of materials, which have... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andrius Pakalniškis (Vilnius University)
  2. Aivaras Kareiva (Vilnius University)
  3. Ramūnas Skaudžius (Vilnius University)
  4. Aleksej Žarkov (Vilnius University)
  5. Olga Opuchovic (Vilnius University)
  6. Dmitry Karpinsky (Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre, NAS Belarus)

Topic Areas

Ferroelectrics , Synthesis


PS-2C » Poster Session 2 - Symposium C (17:00 - Tuesday, 10th July, Foyer)

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