Assessing Electro-chemo-mechanics of Layered Cuprate-based Thin Films by Controlling Oxygen Defect Type and Concentration through Electrochemical Pumping


Three major criteria are required for a good solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) electrode: 1) High electronic and ionic conductivities, 2) High electrocatalytic activity towards oxygen surface exchange reaction, and 3) Good chemical... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Chang Sub Kim (MIT)
  2. Harry Tuller (MIT)

Topic Areas

Energy Generation (SOFC, PCFC, PV, ...) , Advanced characterisation , Defects , Electrochemical behavior , Tunable properties


OS-5A » Symposium A - Electroceramics for Energy Applications (16:00 - Tuesday, 10th July, Aula Louis Verhaegen)

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