Bulk and grain boundary conductivity of yttria-doped CGO


Different strategies have been proposed to overcome the impact of resistive grain boundaries on overall ionic conductivity of ceria-based electrolytes. The main purpose of this work is to enhance the ionic conductivity of CGO... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Eduarda Gomes (Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo)
  2. António Ferreira (Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo)
  3. João Abrantes (Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo)
  4. Jorge R. Frade (CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering)

Topic Areas

Energy Generation (SOFC, PCFC, PV, ...) , Electrochemical behavior , Conduction of electrons and ions


PS-3A » Poster Session 3 - Symposium A (17:00 - Wednesday, 11th July, Foyer)

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