Energy Harvesting Using Flexible Lead-free Piezoelectric Composites


More and more embedded wireless sensor systems are employed into our daily lives (e.g. medical implants, structural health sensors), normally powered by batteries. Batteries contain limited energy, pollute the environment and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Vincent Stuber (TU Delft)
  2. Daniella Deutz (TU Delft)
  3. Dago De Leeuw (TU Delft)
  4. Sybrand Van Der Zwaag (TU Delft)
  5. Pim Groen (TU Delft)

Topic Areas

Energy Generation (SOFC, PCFC, PV, ...) , Ferroelectrics , Piezoelectrics , Energy Conversion , Synthesis


OS-2B » Symposium B - Piezoelectrics (16:00 - Monday, 9th July, Aula Louis Roppe)

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