Cold Sintering of ceramic-polymers composite: using polymer as an active component during sintering


Cold Sintering Process (CSP) has proven its efficiency at sintering ceramics at temperatures below the decomposition temperatures of some polymers. This enables to process ceramic-polymer composites with high ceramic content... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Thomas Herisson de Beauvoir (Penn State University)
  2. Xuetong Zhao (Penn State University)
  3. Jing Guo (Penn State University)
  4. Clive A. Randall (Penn State University)

Topic Areas

Tunable devices, thermistors, varistors , Processing , (Micro)structure-property relations , Tunable properties


OS-7B » Symposium B - Innovative Synthesis & Processing (14:00 - Wednesday, 11th July, Aula Louis Roppe)

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