Understanding electro-catalysis to design perovskite based electrodes for Solid Oxide Cells


The traditional approach to enhance the performance of Solid Oxide Cells (SOC)relies on the functional materials with improved properties, such as enhanced electro-catalytic activity and optimized microstructure. Perovskite... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Rémi Costa (German Aerospace Center (DLR))
  2. Diana Maria Amaya Dueñas (German Aerospace Center (DLR))
  3. Feng Han (German Aerospace Center (DLR))
  4. Matthias Riegraf (German Aerospace Center (DLR))

Topic Areas

Energy Generation (SOFC, PCFC, PV, ...) , Energy Conversion , (Micro)structure-property relations , Conduction of electrons and ions


OS-8A » Symposium A - Electroceramics for Energy Applications (15:40 - Wednesday, 11th July, Aula Louis Verhaegen)

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