Hybrid solid electrolytes based on the use of deep eutectic mixtures


Lithium-ion batteries are the energy storage devices of choice not only for portable devices but electric vehicles and grid energy storage as well due to their high gravimetric and volumetric energy density. Their ancestors,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Bjorn Joos (Hasselt University,)
  2. Thomas Vranken (Hasselt University,)
  3. Wouter Marchal (UHasselt)
  4. Mohammadhosein Safari (Hasselt University, imo-imomec,)
  5. Marlies K. Van Bael (UHasselt)
  6. An Hardy (UHasselt, Hasselt University & imec)

Topic Area

Energy Storage


PS-3A » Poster Session 3 - Symposium A (17:00 - Wednesday, 11th July, Foyer)

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